Why: EdTech

Technology platforms that can carry a full load.


Streamline the online student experience with mobile-friendly systems and appropriate gamification. Help students improve and optimize their performance by providing timely progress reports and graduation forecasts.


Help students experience your unique campus culture remotely. Create an engaging online presence that exceeds student expectations and makes a great first impression. Create a streamlined student application and enrollment process that scales. And create seasonal or event-specific microsites.


Create scalable, flexible scheduling and registration systems that expand the reach of your campus community. Digitize physical processes, including testing, course development and delivery, syllabi, admissions, etc. Enable teachers to engage students remotely. Facilitate student access to institutional resources like TAs, tutors, bursars, financial aid, etc.

Reliability & Accountability

Build reliable, scalable systems that support growth—even during heavy load periods like student enrollment and finals. Comply with security and privacy standards, leverage new technologies and services, build reporting around compliance and transparency, and report meaningful metrics to school administrators and funding partners.

Connection & Community

Recreate in-person campus culture online. Provide interactive tools that enhance communication. Train your internal staff on using modern software development tools and processes. Facilitate connection and collaboration among staff, teachers, and students. 


Give teachers intuitive tools that provide high-quality educational experiences for students with easy access to course materials and schedules online. Build assessment tools for students and professors that enable student feedback for faculty and staff. Assess satisfaction with faculty, staff, programs, and other offerings. Tailor performance plans for faculty and students.

  • Adaptability

    Streamline the online student experience with mobile-friendly systems and appropriate use of gamification.

  • Engagement

    Create an engaging online presence that exceeds student expectations and makes a great first impression.

  • Expandability

    Expand the reach of your campus community with flexible scheduling and registration systems.

  • Reliability

    Support growth with reliable, scalable systems that can handle heavy loads.

  • Collaboration

    Create a more satisfied, engaged learning community with better collaboration tools.

Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying

Melanie Robinson headshot
Kyle Casteel headshot
Henry Wythe headshot
Aaron Raymond headshot
David Catatrious speaker
Russell Rollins headshot

From the design through to the development detail, they listened, understood, and carefully tested before release, often pushing our initial ideas to a better outcome.

Melanie Robinson

CEO, Winder Farms

Kahoa significantly improved connectivity within our field. Having a go-to business center for our distributors has been hugely beneficial.

Kyle Casteel

VP of Marketing, Zija

Kahoa was very realistic in managing expectations. They adapted to complex internal and inter-vendor relationships with skill and grace.

Henry Wythe

CIO, Modere

Without their help, we may have gone out of business. We saw a 1,000% increase over the maximum capacity of our legacy systems, over 48,000 orders per day, and an average of 75 million page views and 2.3 million unique users each month in 2017.

Aaron Raymond

VP of IT, Young Living

It was not just about software…it was all about what is this going to do in your company, how are the people in your organization with your partners and with your other stakeholders going to interact with this piece of software and what are their expectations of it…it also helped us on the backside thinking about our business processes…it was really illuminating to me.

David Catatrious


We’ve done development in the past..the SolutionMap is a higher level way of defining a comprehensive approach to getting the success that you want.

Russell Rollins

Sr. Director of Product Technology

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